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Break Your Purchases
into smaller payments

With Pay Small, an extended payment plan by American Express, you can choose to break purchases into affordable instalments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months at 0% interest*.

* If you pay your Card Account in full each month. Terms and Conditions apply.

4 easy steps to PaySmall
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Special offers and promotions when you use Pay Small*

* No rewards (including Membership Rewards points, Cashback, KrisFlyer miles and STAR$®) will accrue or be earned in respect of Charges made under Pay Small. Other Terms and Conditions apply.
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Special offers and promotions when you use Pay Small*

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Frequently Asked Questions
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10 Tips to Be
Card Smart

Useful tips to help you safeguard your Card, manage your spending, understand interest, and maintain a good credit score.

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Pay small
terms and conditions

View the Terms and Conditions
10 Tips to be Card Smart ↑

Terms and Conditions

  • Understand your Credit Limit
    Understand your credit limitand don’t exceed it.
  • Know the Due Date of your payment
    Know the due date of your payment and be disciplined about a king payment on time and account for processing time at your financial institution.
  • Always pay at least The Minimum Due
    Always pay at least the minimum due to keep your account in good standing. For Charge Cards, remember to always pay your balance owing in full and on time each month.
  • MaintainYour Preferred Interest Rate
    Maintain your preferred interest rate by paying at least your minimum payment on time each month.
  • Use OnlineFinancial Management Tools
    Use online financial management toolsto keep track of your card spending. That way, there are no surprises when your statement arrives.
  • Consider consolidating outstanding balances into one convenient payment or to a lower interest rate.
    Consider consolidating outsanding balancesinto one convenient payment or to a lower interest rate.
  • AvoidTaking Cash Advances
    Avoid taking cash advances.They often incur a fee and can add to your debt and borrowing levels.
  • Make a Budget And Stick to It
    Make a budget and stick to it.Track your spending to help you remain aware and in control of your purchasing behaviour.
  • Regularly ReviewYour Monthly Statments
    Regularly review your monthly statementsto ensure that there are no errors or unauthorized charges on your account.
  • Safeguarding Your Card
    Safeguarding your Card. Know how to protect your cards from unauthorized or fraudulent usages. As long as you have acted responsibly in safeguarding the card and promptly informed American Express upon any incidence of card loss, your liability before reporting the card loss is limited to S$100 (The Platinum Card®, and Centurion Card enjoy zero dollar liability)
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Frequently Asked Questions

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4 Easy Steps to Pay Small

Step 1

Inform the on-ground staff that you would like to use Pay Small by American Express for your purchase

Step 2

Present your American Express Card

Step 3

Choose your instalment payment plan of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months

Step 4

That’s it - take your purchase home!

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